Elevate your PR campaigns with exclusive, data-driven film insights

Our film research sparks conversations and drives engagement.

By analysing over 400,000 films, we can uncover compelling insights which tell your client’s stories.

Ready for you

Our extensive datasets include information on over 400,000 films, covering every aspect from plots and reviews to dialogues and scripts. Whether you need insights on blockbuster hits, specific genres, or any time period, we have the data to deliver.

  • Customisable reports on demand

  • Compelling stories are highlighted and ready to use.

  • Extensive coverage from every movie ever made

  • Detailed datasets for precise insights

Tailored reports

From finance to fashion, our film data stories are crafted to fit your specific industry needs. Example reports could be:

  • Brand Dialogues

    Examining the cultural influence of consumer brands in movies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald's.

  • The Green Screen

    How have on-screen conversations around renewable energy and solar power changed since the 1960s?

  • Rising Diseases

    Looking at disease awareness in movies via key health terms such as Alzheimer's, AIDs, and malaria.

  • Movie Munchies

    What is the big screen's most loved food? Tracking the frequency and context of keywords like burger, fries, and pizza in films to explore the cultural significance of fast food.

World class analysis

Our team specialises in delivering in-depth, authoritative insights. With a proven track record and respected industry positions, you can trust our analysis to guide your PR campaigns.

  • Led by industry thought leader Stephen Follows

  • Guinness World Records consultant for movie records

  • Consulted by major film producers and studios

  • Chair of the Central Film School

From Ready-Made Insights to Tailored Analyses

Choose the perfect fit for your PR narrative, from instant access to customised research projects.

Off-the-Shelf Reports

Off-the-Shelf Reports

Unlock immediate access to one of our exclusive, unpublished reports. When you purchase a report, it’s yours alone – guaranteeing that your story remains unique and proprietary.

 Bespoke Research Services

Bespoke Research Services

We collaborate with you to uncover unique insights tailored to support your campaign, guaranteeing a fresh, distinctive angle that propels your narrative into the spotlight.


I have worked with Stephen Follows on more than 20 articles published in The Times since 2014 and consider him to be the highest calibre of film analyst. He is thorough, reliable, and pays attention to detail. He also has access to and understanding of substantial datasets that enable him to produce valuable insights and compelling stories.

Jack Malvern, The Times

Stephen has a great eye for the sorts of details that will immediately grab people’s attention – things you want to turn around and share with someone else straight away. He can quickly sift through oceans of statistics and forgotten films to find these things.

Ben Hollingum, Senior Editor, Guinness World Records

We have a track record of distilling film data into engaging narratives that resonate worldwide

Movies captivate everyone. Our insights tap into this universal passion, providing fresh, compelling stories that ignite conversations among the public and journalists alike.


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