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We are experts at creating film data stories tailored to your PR strategy.
Our insights create irresistible headlines, viral sharing and active conversations.

Our research has been covered in most major newspapers and magazine, including:

Wall Street Journal :
The Times :
The Sun :
The Australian :
O Globo :
Washington Post :
The New York Times :
The Telegraph :
The Evening Standard :
Globe and Mail :
Wired :
Variety :
The Economist :
Newsweek :
Marie Claire :
Screen :
HuffPost :
The Independent :
IndieWire :
Business Insider :
Metro :
Hollywood Reporter :
Daily Mail :
The Ringer :
ScreenRant :
Forbes :
El Pais :
BBC Radio 4 :
The Guardian :

We have a proven track record of distilling film data into engaging narratives that resonate worldwide

Everyone loves talking about movies. Our insights tap into this passion, giving the public and journalists something fresh to talk about.


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Ready for you

Our reports cover a variety of topics, and each will only be sold once, instantly giving you exclusive stories to tell.

  • Reports provide a turnkey solution for immediate PR use.

  • Easy-to-read graphs and tables bring the data story to life.

  • Compelling stories are highlighted and ready to use.

  • Detailed methodologies underpin the reliability of findings.

Stories for all sectors

Our movie data tells stories that fit your field, from finance to tech, fashion to sports. If you’re looking to make headlines, we have the data to light up your narrative.

World class analysis

Our team is led by film data expert Stephen Follows who is renowned for his authoritative analysis and in-depth insights into the film industry’s trends and economics.

  • Guinness World Records consultant for movie records.

  • Film industry thought leader and much respected expert.

  • Advisor to major film producers and studios.

  • Chair of the Central Film School.

From Ready-Made Insights to Tailored Analyses

Choose the perfect fit for your PR narrative, from instant access to customised research projects.

Off-the-Shelf Reports

Off-the-Shelf Reports

Unlock immediate access to one of our exclusive, unpublished reports. When you purchase a report, it’s yours alone – guaranteeing that your story remains unique and proprietary.

Customised Research Reports

Customised Research Reports

We tailor our Off The Shelf reports to align with your requirements, whether it’s focusing on a certain genre, period, country, or incorporating preferred keywords into our analysis.  

 Bespoke Research Services

Bespoke Research Services

We collaborate with you to uncover unique insights tailored to support your campaign, guaranteeing a fresh, distinctive angle that propels your narrative into the spotlight.

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